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Art Nouveau

art noveau

Art Nouveau explained The visual art style of Art Nouveau is commonly recognized for its beautifully crafted floral ornaments and other smooth organic shapes, often inspired by nature, flowers and the female body. In general these can be described as foliate and vine-shaped forms. The Art Nouveau style is a movement mainly represented in Europe but which also branched out to reach the United States and other locations as well. Originally, Art Nouveau is a French/Belgian name coined for this art style which came up as a response to the more academic art schools. However, the style often had different names in different countries. A number of these names were coined after famous artists or magazines. One well known visual artist was Alphonse Mucha. In Germany it was called Jugendstil, from the ‘Jugend Magazine’ created 1896 in Munich. This phrase is still used in there to indicate Art Nouveau. In Italy they called it Style Liberty based on an English company that was one of the rare ones involved in Art Nouveau art. In France it was often referred to as Style Guimard. Most commonly though, it was referred to as New art or Art Nouveu as most of us may have come to know it. The reason for this name was that this nouveau art style had its own fresh identity and brought new things to art which had not previously been seen. Even though there was often a difference between different countries and artists within this style, there were a few things that unified the art noveau movement. Art Nouveau artists in general had a goal to eradicate the dividing between arts and general life. The aim was to make art nuveau a common thing for the general public and everyday life. For example the style was often found in Architecture where the goal was to make every detail of a building a part of one great artwork and thus quite literary incorporating it with mankind. Other everyday items were carefully rendered silverware, furniture and jewelry. Art Nouveau designs can be found at this website in particular. Eventually even more exclusive Art Nouveau posters will be available for your enjoyment. In these days there seems to be a new dawn for the Art Nouveau, which once more is gaining the favor of the public. Many of the style’s design-characteristics can already be found in newspapers and art novou adverts. One of its most famous visual artists was the Czech painter Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939). Today this visual style is mainly represented by the artists solely known as ‘Daniel’ who is carrying the Art nouveau legacy on into contemporary times.